Dr. Charles L. Sifford

The Original Tee Golf Classic proudly celebrates the legacy of Dr. Charles L. Sifford by recognizing pioneers and trailblazers in the African American community through the True Original Award.

During his career, Dr. Charles L. Sifford overcame immeasurable odds. He is a living legend and pioneer who was a part of a movement that changed America. Dr. Sifford became the first black man to play professionally on the PGA Tour and the first African American to win a PGA Tour event. He and others fought against the PGA’s “Caucasian Only” clause prohibiting people of color from playing golf professionally until 1961.

He was recently inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame under the Lifetime Achievement category. His induction symbolized the courage, determination and perseverance necessary to overcome horrible inequities and extreme prejudices during the post World War II and Civil Rights Era. His induction into the Hall of Fame was an honor not only for Dr. Sifford but for all those of forgotten names who fought for equality.

In 2007, the Original Tee Golf Classic (OTGC) was proud to honor Dr. Charles L. Sifford and establish the True Original Award in his name. The OTGC will continue to celebrate his legacy by bestowing the Dr. Charles L. Sifford True Original Award to an individual exemplifying the commitment, passion, fearlessness and original style that Dr. Sifford so gracefully embodied.

Dr. Sifford’s love of golf and commitment to persevere serves as an inspiration to us all. His trademark cigar and original style were unmatched. On November 24, 2014, Dr. Sifford was one of 18 to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Dr. Charlie Sifford will always be a True Original.

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